Expressions: Cultural or Personal? Or Universal?


Sometimes the photos tell the stories better than my words ever will. I love capturing the beautiful joyful moments of my village, where people are smiling or giving a thumbs up.

But there is something so powerful about the portraits that capture other expressions. Expressions and emotions that are more complex.

When I look into someones honest candid expression, I see so much and so little at the same time. I can only interpret their expression based off my own experiences and culture. We judge people continuously based off their expressions, but regardless of our interpretation, there’s always something innately beautiful about being able to simply express anything at all. I love capturing portraits of people regardless if they are expressing joy or sadness or indifference.  If only we could stop judging and assessing expressions and start appreciating the beauty of human existence and ability to feel–regardless of what those feelings may be.

Meet Benwa and Yvette. Benwa wanted to be a taxi driver, but now he wants to be a singer. He wants to dance along with his singing too. Yvette hasn’t voiced career dreams yet, but I have no doubt she will be a leader of some kind! She’s not afraid to voice her opinion, verbally or nonverbally. (Example below) I want you to look at these photos and let yourself take in the detail and the emotions they convey, not because of the specific emotions Benwa and Yvette might be feeling, but because they have freedom to feel, even if its more reserved than aggressively outputted.

Bonus question: Can you guess who requested the portrait and who was less enthused?



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