Fresh Cabbages and the Last Horcrux

My village garden measures my growth in this country daily. Every time I eat a freshly picked cabbage, it’s a reflection point–a time when I can look back and remember how barren the ground used to be. 

When I walked into the back area of my house for the first time, it was dry and crumbly dirt patch.

I had no experience making a sustainable garden besides picking green beans when I was a kid, the usual job of a fifth child in a family of eight.

I told my neighbors and one of my friends in the village that I dreamed of having a garden of some kind. With their help, my dream came true.

I love gardens because they are timelines

On Facebook you have this thing called “Timehop” that shows you where you’ve been or what you’ve done over the past years. In general, Facebook measures growth and change.

The downside of Facebook is it is one of the last horcruxes Voldemort managed to keep hidden from Dumbledore. 

Don’t believe me? Spend 20 minutes scrolling your newsfeed and see if it has the same effect as Tom Riddle’s diary. It sucks your life away!

The more time I spend I my garden and reading, and the less time I spend on social media, the more focused and at peace I feel. 

I’m on and off social media now, but I really hope I can take another complete fast soon. I never knew its influence until I stopped using it.

But anyways, back to gardens!

Cabbages and tomatoes are my timehop here. 

In summary: Gardens are rad. My cabbages are coming up thanks to my generous neighbors! My tomato plants are wonderfully out of control and papaya is just peaking through the soil. My mushrooms remain a mystery but my tea plants are doing well, as well as my dodo plant that is growing at a “jack and the beanstock” rate.

My timehop is looking at a once dry and hopeless garden and seeing new vegetables ready to be eaten sitting in its place. 

Redemption at its finest. It’s a beautiful reminder, and I love it!


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