Humans of Sailboats

Sometimes it’s great to dust off the archives of old ideas and drafts from past adventures. I found a draft of some old interviews with “boat people” from my time living on the boat last summer, and I forgot how fascinating their stories were. People who live on boats are such a unique group. Here are some examples:

English couple docked at Hampton, Virginia: “Yeah, we sailed here from England. It took us seventeen days. No storms really. Really quite easy. We have lived on the boat for over two years. The only drawback is how far removed you are from friends and family. We have sailed the coast of Africa, been through the Caribbean, and the Bahamas.”

Couple from Norfolk, Virginia: “We are both retired and we pick our weather windows wisely. It is all about patience. You have to watch out for pirates when you get farther from this area. I had a friend living on a boat by Trinidad and Tobago. One night she heard a sound on her deck, and she peaked out of her front hatch. She has the nicest teeth you will ever see, because none of them are real. She was caught with a machete to the face. Stay away from that area.

Couple from the Virgin Isles: “We have been married for thirty two years. I am a writer, and he is retired special forces. I travel up and down the coast meeting with my fans and attending writing conferences. Living on a boat is all about organization. Procrastination never ends well.”

Woman traveling solo from Florida: “I used to work on the South Pole. I have been outside in -123 degree temperatures. It is kind of like the ocean out there. If you like the ocean and can stand cold temperatures, you would do well there. I got lucky with the job I had there. Saw an ad in the paper and followed up. I ended up working there for five years.”

These are just a few of many mysterious people we met last summer aboard Eagle Wings.


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