Next Stop: Rwanda

Life is crazy. And sometimes it takes you on unexpected, exciting journeys. I have accepted an invitation to serve in the Peace Corps, and in September I will travel to Rwanda for training. I will spend two years there. You can follow my journey here, as I dive into this new challenge.

I stopped writing of my adventures after the end of my ocean life, and promised you all there would be a book 2.  After getting off the boat at the end of last summer, I headed to DC (book 2) where I worked as a writer for the NGO International Justice Mission. I hope to unpack a bit more of that experience in the next month!


As I prepare for this venture, I can’t help but reflect on this photo I snapped of my little cousin launching off a rope swing at the quaint but beautiful Glen Lake in New Hampshire. I can feel the rush as I swing out of my comfort zone into something new. Soon I will be suspended in the air, and I am praying as I hold my breath, uncertain of when my feet will hit the water. But I am excited. I feel the thrill, and I can’t wait to open my eyes under water even if it stings, and write about the new things I find and see.

Stay tuned for more details, as I leave a lot behind, and take a leap of faith into a new life with new people and new perspectives and new routines. Just a lot of new.

More to come! Exciting stories to be told. Love you all!




  1. That is awesome Ryan. I pray you will be blessed and your heart will expland! Looking forward to reading of your adventure and God’s blessing in the middle! love you!

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