Island Life and Shaquille Oneal?


I like to call this post “a day in the life of an island hopping sailboat.” Here is a timeline of what our days in the Bahamas looked like.

5am: Wake up and roll over onto side as you reminisce about days when you used to use a blanket and clothes to sleep. Ah, the days when the heat dissipated at night!

8:30am: Wake up, brush teeth, take an island shower or jump off the dock and get eaten by sharks.

9:00am: Back to bed.

10:00am: Oatmeal on the galley stove, and if you’re lucky couple it with some canned peaches. Luxury.

11:30am: Get ready for an adventure for the day, whether it be snorkeling, visiting the local SharkLab, or fishing offshore in a portable dinghy off the coast.

OR 11:30am: Clean bilge due to oil leak, replace batten, hose down the boat with expensive water, make friends with the locals etc.

4:00pm: Return to the boat in the dinghy. Possibly shower, since most likely you have an inch layer of salt on your  body.

5:00pm Play pool at the local marina in an open air space overlooking the harbor.


6:00pm Dinner  Usually some chili and rice with the addition of some homemade bread you bought from a woman’s home on the island earlier.

7:00pm Make more friends with locals and relax with any fellow sailors present, discussing politics and current events in the process.

12:00am Bedtime unless Shaquille Oneal is in town.

Then this happens:


Yeah, Shaq came to the island and we hung out with him. It was Bobby’s birthday and we heard that Shaquille Oneal might be showing up to the resort side of the island. We hopped in a van (taxi services here are unmarked vans) and cruised over to check it out. Sure enough, there Shaq was hyping up the crowd. I couldn’t help but laugh considering that I had embarked on a trip to sail away from society and here I was watching Shaq party. Next thing I knew Bobby was up on the stage. I pushed closer to take a picture and then before I knew it, Shaq had crossed passed his bouncers and was right next to me. I was getting pushed by a hundred different people who squeezed me up against the giant. Pretty sure I never expected someone to push my face into Shaquille Oneal’s shoulder (Which was bigger than my face.) But anyways…


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