Herb Chambers’ Helipad and The Statue of Liberty

Today is our eighth day on the boat. It is safe to say we have hit almost every type of weather imaginable. For a couple days, the waves were up to 8 feet and choppy. We focused on strapping things down and riding out the turbulence. We made it through some shallows surrounding Block Island and spent the night there after navigating the harbor at midnight. Mooring in the pitch black is not my favorite activity but still provided valuable experience for adventures further down the coast.

When we reached the Connecticut River, we experienced some serious problems with the boat and had to dry dock it for repairs. We received some wonderful hospitality from my grandmother as well as my aunt and uncle, Candy and Greg. We ordered new sails but unfortunately had quite a few problems hoisting them due to manufacturing defects. While we were working on chiseling down the slides on the sail, Herb Chambers landed in a private helicopter at what appeared to be his residence right next to our dock. Moments like this sum up how bizarre and surreal this trip has been.

Yesterday we stopped in at NYC to pick up my sister Bria for a ride around New York Harbor while also picking up another crew member, Bobby Godfrey. The weather was hot with a cool breeze, but as we dropped Bria off, thunderstorm warnings came blaring through the VHF radio.

“Please move to areas away from the water, and boaters should take shelter inland.”

This wasn’t the news I was hoping for. I managed to grab us a mooring slip at Pier 45 in the harbor just as the first lightning struck. After a night of thunder and heavy rain, we emerged “victors” of the storm. We finally have some wind in our favor again. On to the Delaware Bay! Hopefully our repair work holds up well this time!


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