Still Alive!

Last night winds stayed at 25 mph for quite some time. We chose to sail through the night, gearing up for a frigid twelve hours of open ocean. Matt and I took shifts at the wheel of roughly six hour stints. We were hitting 8.5 miles per hour with the boat cruising at a 25 degree angle. When morning hit, sleep never felt so good.

We have been delayed for the day on Cape Cod, after needing to do repairs to our front running lights, which failed us in our overnight sail. 

During repairs and refitting I noticed a man looking at the boat. He went to his car and when I came back to the boat, he was a painting a landscape of our lovely Eagle Wings at the dock. 

We moored again at Provincetown due to strong winds and tired bodies. Time to fire up the stove and let the wind hypnotize us and draw us into a luxurious, much needed sleep.



  1. You should buy a copy of that painting from him it’s great! Enjoy the warmer weather these next few days guys. Love Di


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