Sailing the Sunrise: Funding Campaign

Everyone meet Andy Olsen. Andy is basically God’s gift to mankind, partially through his looks and personality and partially through his skills behind a camera. If anyone ever needs someone to help make a kickstarter for their project, Andy is your guy. You can check out some of work for the company Nine Five Ltd. Phenomenal stuff. Andy, Matt, and I left Bedford, New Hampshire at 3:30am in order to capture a sunrise sail of Eagle Wings for our funding campaign. We hit winds upwards of 15mph and recorded speeds of up to 6 knots. It was a blast. Living on a boat is really all about the sunrises and sunsets, and I am glad we got to capture that on camera. I cannot wait to share the final product of the film with you guys!

2015-05-20 06.41.26
Sun is up, and Andy is getting some wide shots of the bow.
2015-05-01 13.13.54
Andy Olsen – The man, the myth, the legend. Makes some of the best mini-films I have honestly ever seen.

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