Chapter I

In one and a half month’s time, I will graduate from Saint Anselm College. Three days after that, I will be embarking from Pepperrell Cove, Kittery, Maine to the Bahamas on a Hunter 30 Sailboat, Eagle Wings. I am currently recording my first EP, and I plan to write a full length album that will encapsulate my journey and hopefully will shed some light on my adventures and discoveries. This will be my travel blog, and I will record many of my experiences here. I will also post updates on preparations as well as any news on my music endeavors before the trip begins.

I have wanted to travel the world my whole life, and this will be my first serious journey away from New England. You could say it is a bit of a “hobbits leaving the shire” situation. The ocean has always been close to my heart, and I am eager to make it my entire world for the summer.




  1. Ryan!! This is incredible, I am so jealous of your trip. I blogged while I was abroad in Spain, and I loved it. (I still continue to blog, though it’s not as easy…) Traveling is the most rewarding experience ever and I can’t wait to read about your journey!! Good luck & keep in touch!!!

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    1. Yes!! I’ll definitely follow your blog as well!! And traveling is so worth it. Sailed past the U.N. Building. Different perspective than when we were there! Hope all is well with post grad life!


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